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October 13, 2008 Weddings Unlimited, Inc.

The words we’re hearing in the wedding industry is: Green is the MovementNOT the Trend. The Eco-Friendly Bride has surfaced, and many are looking to balance their wedding between trendy and Eco-friendly.

If you consider yourself one of these brides, here are some ideas you might incorporate into your wedding:  

…Carbon foot printing: (Carbon causes global warming) You can actually search the term and find ways to help the environment. One couple decided to plant a tree on their wedding day. Great trade off for favors.

…Jewelry: Use only ethically mined and fair trade items.  Use recycled materials (gold, vintage), alternative materials (wood from a local artist).

…Gift registry: Simplify! Only register for what’s needed. Go with bamboo, hemp, organic cotton/linen. No Teflon, no trendy items. Buy in sets of 6-8.

…Invites: (narrow the guest list) Use treeless paper, raised lettering, green sealed paper, organic ink. Hand write your menu on a large board. Use recycled paper.

…Transportation: Have your ceremony and reception at the same venue or within walking distance. Rent a bus for your guests or be on the bus line. Car pool, rent hybrid cars or use a horse and carriage.

…Lodging: Look for green hotels. They will share with you things like changing linens only if requested by the guest.   

…Formal Wear: Buy or borrow a vintage gown. Go with organic silk or cotton, or a dress that can be made into something else. Rent or bid on a gown on e-bay. Attend the local Dresses That Heal silent auction February 22 at CAC. You will get a real bargain on a brand new designer gown. Guys: buy your own suit instead of renting a tux. Avoid leather shoes.

…Beauty: Buy or use make-up that contains no animal by-products.  

…Flowers: Source locally organic flowers if possible. Use flowers pots that can be replanted. Have a flower free bouquet (buttons). Use items in nature, like leaves, acorns and shells. Make sure the floral decorations can be re-used by donating them to a hospital or retirement home.

…Decor: Be creative and practical. Use potted plants, flowerless center pieces, soy or non-scented candles, organic fruit  and local organic grown plants.  Find a recipient for the flowers after the event. Compost the plants. Use on-site linens and other items instead of renting or out sourcing.

…Venue: Choose one that is close to most guests. One that supports “green”. Think about using a venue that has its own natural gardens or vineyard. Have the ceremony and reception in the same location. Cut back on decorations. Organic chefs will help you with food selections. Museums and historic buildings need no addition decor.

…Food: Use local organic food. Serve organic wines. Give leftover food to food banks. Select “free range” meat. To save on washing, use vegetables for containers (squash bowls for soup).   

…Photography: Go digital. Film causes chemical waste! Do on-line photo albums.

…Favors: Only give things that can/will be used.  Local wines, cookies,  honey coated almonds, etc. Make sure they are biodegradable wrapped items. Give alternative gifts to wedding party (spa treatments). Think of alternative ideas (donations to charities)

…Honeymoon: Go local. Do Eco-tours. Rent a cottage.


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  • 1. Jessica  |  October 14, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Great ideas and tips! I found a great site for eco-friendly jewelery http://www.allwiredupjewelry.com. They have a multi-functional necklace that can be worn three different ways to it’s perfect for the wedding day and beyond plus it is hand made by an eco-friendly company!

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