Searching for Your Vendors

May 20, 2009 Weddings Unlimited, Inc.

As a wedding planner in Cincinnati, my brides often ask: What do I asked the vendor during the initial meeting? 

To keep it simple there are five basic questions to remember:

…Why did you start your business?

…How long have you been in business and how do you stand apart from the competition?

…What sort of guarantees do you offer?

…What is the most valuable part of your service or product?

…Why should I hire you?

Notice, there was no question about pricing?  That comes after all your fact finding and knowing whether or not you have the perfect match.

A good part of my wedding planning business is “referrals” and knowing if  the client and vendor will be a good match. In the early stages of the wedding planning process, I work hard at getting to know the couple’s personalities and needs. I want to know what they are looking for in the way of a photographer, florist or any other service provider.  With these findings, I am ready to give them three to four qualified referrals.  

Planning time is difficult and time consuming. If your wedding planner is a good matchmaker, hours will be eliminated from your search. And, I can guarantee that you will  find your perfect match.

Now, it’s time to talk dollars and sense!  



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