Writing Wedding Thank You Notes

October 19, 2010 Weddings Unlimited, Inc.

When you begin the task of writing your thank-you notes, have a clear mind. Think about writing a good note, not  about how quickly you can write one. Every note should of course include a statement of appreciation; and be sure to mention the actual gift and how you plan to use it. Example:   Dear Aunt Mary,  John and I were so happy that you could be a part of our special day. We greatly appreciate the place setting of china that you sent us. We will think of you at our first dinner party…

At times, you may want to make the note a little longer. Lengthening the note may not seem important to you; but the person receiving it will see that you have taken time just for them, and the fact that the note fills the page is gratifying to them. 

Etiquette sources say that you have up to a year to finish your thank-you notes. A year is stretching it, so try to complete them within  three to six months. The gifts that you receive before the wedding, should be acknowledged right away. Be sure to record every gift that you receive and note the date of your response.

A side note: Your time can be cut in half if you give your groom a fair share of the responsibility of writing those thank you notes to his family and friends. 



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