More and More Are Getting a Piece of the Wedding Pie

January 14, 2012 Weddings Unlimited, Inc.

I’ve been a member of AAA for a very long time. Since I have begun focusing more on destination weddings and honeymoons, I read their magazine “Journeys” a bit more closely. In the January/February issue for 2012, I see that they are reaching out for the brides; not only for travel, but for wedding insurance and news articles giving advice for planning the wedding. They cover topics like: “what to look for in a reception venue” to “wedding cake trends”. Go to  for the complete article.

As a wedding planner for 19 years, I have seen my slice of the pie getting smaller and smaller. With the Internet presence having the largest slice, brides are finding it so much easier to plan the wedding of their dreams. My niche for years has been with full service planning. Each client having the ability to customize their needs. No cookie cutter wedding for any of my brides! I believe that every bride needs to feel like she is the only bride that day!

But, many brides today are doing their own research and finding they can do much of the planning via the Internet, and my own customized full service has been downsized.

I would never say that a bride can’t plan her own wedding, because it is done everyday. I can only say using a full service professional like myself can make wedding planning the best choice. We, in the industry are the professional experts. Brides are first time buyers and we do this every day! We, unlike the Internet, know the client and how to best utilize their needs. From the budget to team building and micro-managing the event, we are there to make the client “guests at their own wedding”.

To help fill the gaps of the Internet savvy bride, I have begun to focus on destination weddings and honeymoons. I have had the opportunity to travel extensively with the Association of Bridal Consultants (  and have met many wedding industry people. I can challenge most travel agencies in that I prefer to refer locations that I have visited. And, as a perk, I offer to accompany the wedding party as their personal coordinator.

In closing…I resolve as a wedding professional  to continue being a slice (hopefully larger) of the wedding pie and never succumbing to being just a crumb on the plate.


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