Destination Brides Have Expectations

October 15, 2012 Weddings Unlimited, Inc.

Any bride wanting to have her wedding in a culture other than her home culture expects to retain “the best”. Planning a destination wedding is complicated and includes many seen and unseen details that she knows she doesn’t know. When she comes to us, she will expect us to know what is needed. Our job will be to make her experience as easy and uneventful as possible, just as it would be if she lived in the country she chooses for her wedding. Expectations are critical – yours, hers, the families, the grooms….Fees will need to be discusssed early in the process. Total transparency with everyone involved is mandatory for a successful wedding. Not all couples getting married in the chosen country have traveled there, while some may be very comfortable in that culture. It will be our position to connect up with the international consultants to make our clients feel as comfortable, relaxed and happy as possible.

Who will be responsible for the various decisions? Everyone (client & vendors) needs to be in agreement about the services our clients are expecting, and it is important that they understand exactly what we are offering. Misunderstanding while dealing with great distances can be disastrous for everyone involved. Everything will need to be carefully addressed in a contractual form. Each client should be prepared to sign the agreement, plus providing us with copies of passports and drivers licenses. They may  also be expected to sign a privacy consent.   

With that being said…come to us with your dreams of planning a destination wedding. Contact us: joyce@weddingsunltd,com  or call at 513-742-1645.  



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